About the Counsellor


M.S.(Counselling and Psychotherapy)
I.C.W.A.I.( Inter) & T.T.C
Associate member of the
Counsellors Association of India, CAI.

• Reena is a counselor and trainer & has many years experience working with well known schools in Pune & overseas in a global   FMCG company in finance.
• She is also a member of the Counsellors Association of India ( CAI ).
• She is associated with Akanksha, an N.G.O. helping in the education of under-privileged children who need personal help with   behavioral and learning issues.

She has experience in providing counselling support for a wide range of issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, work related concerns, self confidence/self esteem, bereavement, domestic violence, anger management; personal and family relationships.

• She has expertise in providing counselling support for – Individual Counselling, Marriage Counselling, Couple Counselling, Children   Behavior Counselling, Relationship Counselling,   Bereavement Counselling, Stress and Anxiety Counselling.
• There are times when we are not able to deal with the problems on our own ,and this begins to affect our day-to-day behavior in   ways that can be surprisingly debilitating. This is   when we can take the help of a trained professional to help resolve and deal with   our problems / issues.
• If you are experiencing difficulties, psychological counselling can be an invaluable means of finding solutions you may never have   considered. Investment in your psychological   health is as important as your physical and financial health.


All information shared with us is strictly confidential. No one, including family, friends has access to any of your information without your knowledge. The exceptions to this confidentiality include information about child abuse, serious risk to human life, and court orders.

Our vision

The Vision of The Counseling Center is to provide a specialised & personal counselling service & earn the trust to build enduring relationships with our clients. We will provide a professional & confidential environment to explore areas in life where people experience difficulty.